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This month's celebrations began with our wedding anniversary and was followed by Son#1's birthday ...

and then The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#3's birthday ...

and finally Son#5's birthday celebration last night.

Somewhere in there I managed to sneak in a birthday without too much fanfare. I was happy just to make everybody's favourite potato salad ...

and to use up some of the plums from our trees while trying out my birthday present of a granite rolling pin ...

(and this pie was well worth the effort).

However The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 has obviously had enough of birthdays ... if this pose is anything to go by!


Arriving home at midnight is becoming a bit of a habit. As has visiting gardens in cities far from home.

Friday morning, Son#4 and Son#5 travelled by bus to attend Parachute which is only New Zealand's largest Christian music festival. It was a first for them. Years ago Son#1 was involved in the lighting for Main Stage, but for various reasons (possibly more to do with an overprotective mother and a lack of funds than any lack of desire to attend) his siblings have not attended what is probably the biggest event on the Christian youth calendar downunder.

Until now.

With much excitement and pulling of hair (on my part - particularly when it came to what they needed to take and what they were going to eat especially when they originally had no way of storing perishables or of cooking any food - fortunately for them they were able to take a cooker which probably saved them from starvation) they were packed and ready to go Friday morning.

I saw them off at the bus station and returned to…

Happy One Year Old

She's one year old today!!!

Happy Birthday to The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#3!

Take ...

One self-crusting quiche (remind me to share the recipe later because this was so easy and yummy); one green salad, a handful of fresh sprouts, a loaf of homemade sourdough bread, Anzac biscuits, yummy fruit cake, plums from our tree, bananas, dried apricots, and almonds, a bottle of homemade ginger beer, throw in four adults and bucket-loads of rain, and what do you have? A wonderful picnic in the rain.

It was fine when we left home and even when we set up our picnic, we didn't think we'd get more than a few spots. However, it soon became evident that unless we wanted soggy bread and quiche it might be wiser to move to an area with cover - which we did forthwith.

Spirits undaunted, we had our lunch, packed up, donned jackets, and began to walk. Shortly after arriving at the top, the rain began to bucket down. There was a museum nearby which provided shelter and a lot of interesting history. I was in my element, if not the males in my company. The rain showed no signs of abating…

And a Use for Old Shirts

I found this peg bag idea online and decided to try it. My existing peg bag was really a leetle too small for the amount of pegs I like to keep on hand, and Son#5 is going to need one when he leaves home. So ... I'm going to gift him my old one (which isn't really all that old) and I'm going to use this one that I made from an old shirt of Son#2's:

I'm just sorry that I didn't keep more shirts from my sons' younger days or that I don't need more than one peg bag as I think these are rather cute. However I'm already thinking that a larger shirt could make a cute bag for rags or for recycling plastic bags. I can see them now: a whole row of shirt bags strung up in my laundry room. One for pegs, one for rags, one for plastic bags, one for other odds and ends. The family would really think I'd lost my marbles then! (I wonder if you could store marbles in a shirt bag?)

This one is a little boring and a nice print or bright colour would have made wash d…

A Use for Old Socks

Believe it or not - given that it's summer here - I've spent part of today making draught stoppers for the doors in our dining and living rooms. Not because those rooms are particularly draughty - yet - but because door handles in our house seem to have a tendency to attack the walls. With walls in the dining room freshly painted - even if we'll have to redo them in the near future due to a less that satisfactory job by the painters - DH is keen to keep them looking nice. And who can blame him?

He did spend a day fixing door stops to prevent holes appearing in our walls from over-enthusiastic door-openers but the bi-fold doors between dining and living presented a particular challenge. It all depends on whether they're fully open or part-way open where the door handle meets the wall. Unless one wants to have door stops lined up along the wall like soldiers about to go into battle - and we didn't - a draught stopper seemed to be the logical solution.

I had my machine …