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Not All Gloom And Doom

I have a theory that the only time the weather person predicts the weather with one hundred percent accuracy is during school holidays! These past two weeks have been as awful as we were led to believe, and now that it's almost time to go back to school, the sun finally decides to make an appearance.

Not that it's been all gloom and doom ... but close enough. In the interests of honesty, there have been scattered moments of sunshine. Not a lot ... but some.

As on the first weekend when I finally got into my garden after months of wanting to but having to wait for decent weather  ...

Only to have the builders trample sections of it three days later! (But at least we got the old weatherboards replaced). Knowing that there will be painters needing to come in, I'm not going to do too much remedial action to my poor flowerbed ... even if I have to wait months, or even a year, for the painters.

There were other periods of sunshine as when The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5, unabl…

Mystery KAL And All That Jazz

Spring is officially here and we've even managed to skip a few nights without lighting the fire (although that might be more to do with low supply of essential firewood than the actual temperature) which leads me to suspect that my almost-nightly activity of knitting socks will soon be coming to an end and it will be time to turn to more summery pursuits.

I do, however, have a pair of mystery socks to knit, and given that the clues only began last week (I finally got around to starting them this weekend when taking a break from gardening) and it's a NZ KAL (Knit Along for the uninitiated), I can't be the only one in this country knitting socks this season.

And they are not the only ones in the rush to be finished before the weather turns warm.

There's the pair for DH's birthday in less than two weeks to finish ...

(maybe, just maybe, I'll get them done in time if I can stick to my self-imposed schedule);

and there's the no-concentration-required pair to w…