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I've Joined the Craze (Otherwise Known as Giving My Family One More Reason to Think I'm Crazy)

I can't remember who started me on knitting. Possibly my mother who now despairs of my clumsy knitting method. But it gets the job done so I'm not complaining. I may not be as quick as others at knitting but I've always managed and over the years I've moved from beginner to intermediate to designing my own patterns.

But I had never tried socks. In fact, I couldn't understand the craze for knitting socks. Until now. I knitted and completed a pair and now I'm hooked.

This pattern uses only two sticks and is a great one for beginners. Not that I'm afraid to knit in the round - I once knitted a Fair Isle jersey totally in the round with no seams - no, it's more a case of not having double pointed needles in the right size to knit in the round. And when I want to try a pattern I want to try it now and not have to wait until I can get to the store to buy what I need (and sadly, my local shop rarely has the sizes I need because I tend to have to use a different …

Going ... Going ... And ... Gone

As hard as it is to believe, The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#2 is now one year old!

And the cake was obviously a hit!


No, this isn't about the glaringly obvious spelling mistake in my last post and which I've now corrected. No, this is about the education of Son#5 which I have apparently sadly neglected. It would seem that I've taught the previous four just fine but when it comes to Son#5 I've let things slip.

This afternoon Son#5 offered to ice (frost) the chocolate cakes that I'd made yesterday. I gave him instructions and went back to my writing. A little while later when he was obviously looking for something to eat and thinking chocolate cake would fit the bill I saw him enter the kitchen.

I then heard him say, "All the icing fell off the cakes."

I laughed, imaging the icing too hard and dry and cracking when he cut into it.

Not the case.

When I went to have a look myself I discovered that he'd made the icing too runny and it had run down the sides of the cake and onto the plate. I won't even attempt to describe what it looked like. Suffice to say, it didn't …

A Most Romantic Gesture

I had originally thought of calling this post Ruthless or Vicious or even Miserable. That's because when DH asked me how I wanted my roses pruned I told him he could be as ruthless as he liked and I promised not to complain regardless of what they looked like afterwards; because when DH cut his leg when grappling with a particularly vicious rose he complained about said vicious rose (even though it wasn't the rose he cut himself on) but continued with the task; and because when it started to rain Son#5 started to feel miserable and asked me if this was really what I considered fun (actually I've had worse experiences).

But then as I thought more about DH pruning these roses after he told me years ago that if I wanted roses in my garden he wasn't going to care for them (and just like children with pets, I promised that I'd look after them) - and pretending to complain as he did so - that this was the most romantic, most loving gesture he could've made.

Like the n…

A Grand Entrance, Firewood and Soda Bread

Tuesday night we took Son#4 back to his student hostel. As we were about to pull into the driveway, a police car came up behind us with lights flashing and obviously wanting us to pull over. DH decided that the safest place to stop was in the driveway, so he pulled in and the police car followed us. There we were, sitting in the driveway with a police car behind us with its lights flashing and students hanging out the windows of the hostel to see what was going on. I suspect Son#4 was glad that it was dark and that he was in the back seat and partially hidden from view! I even felt the need to slide down in my seat and try and hide!

And the reason for the police car stopping us? Random breath test. Had DH failed the test I would've had to wonder about what the restaurant had put in our meal since the last time DH touched alcohol was when we were in a church that served wine instead of grape juice for communion! Funnily enough, the last time he participated in a random breath test …

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Day One

The view that greeted us on waking (we had no idea it would be so magnificent when we'd arrived the previous evening in the dark to temperatures below zero degrees Celsius):

The view from our bedroom window (the balcony was a perfect spot to read my Bible):Our cosy little retreat (and even this girl with Aussie blood found it cosy):

We never got tired of looking at the view:

A Saturday afternoon stroll:

Day Two Same window and balcony as for Day One but the view looks totally different:

A walk in the bush and the rain:

It was too much for some:

But what a weekend!