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Advice Needed

The problem with renovating and redecorating is:

(1) there are sooooooooo many choices;

(2) everyone has an opinion (even the tradespeople - I knew I should have gone with my original paint choice and not listened to the painter!); and

(3) New Zealand is still fairly conservative when it comes to home design and decoration (if you don't believe me, consider this: when we moved here over twenty years ago we were used to tiled bathrooms where everything but the ceiling was tiled whereas the first house that I looked at that had a so-called "tiled bathroom" had only one row of tiles around the shower base! We're a little slow here in keeping up with trends).

Anyway, all this to say that we have a little dilemma when it comes to our flooring. We both love the look of timber floors but they are sooooooooo cold in our climate, especially given we do not have underfloor heating, central heating, or sufficient heating. And we won't mention the lack of double-glazing or …


Last weekend DH and I jumped in the car, drove five minutes, and then spent forty minutes walking around the lake before coming home and cooking dinner. It was early evening, hardly anyone around, the wind couldn't penetrate the trees, and there were obvious signs of approaching spring.

It was delightfully, deliciously, wonderful.

It certainly made us wonder why we don't take advantage of such scenery more often. We have several small lakes, a river walk, and a couple of beaches to choose from, so why do we waste time and assault our senses by walking around the block?

In part, maybe it's because the weather has been so lousy. Not at all the kind of let's-put-a-jacket-on-and-get-outside-weather most days. If we decide to go for a walk we tend to make it quick and it tends to be more from a sense of 'have to' than 'want to'.

I don't mind admitting that I am so over this winter (no surprise to most of my readers), but so are most people I talk to. It …

To Go Up or Down?

I've finally started knitting socks cuff down after being enamoured with toe up since I began knitting socks several years ago, having overcome at last an irrational fear of knitting the cuff too tight and having to undo the whole sock to make it fit (as opposed to just re-doing the bind off on a toe up). As a result, I've had the opportunity to consider the pros and cons of each method and share them here for your enlightenment ...

Toe Up can be tried on as it is worked which makes determining where to start the heel easy enough if you know how many rows it takes; since the sole is usually not worked in the instep pattern it's easy to determine 'sole' and 'instep' and hence when a new round commences; the length of the leg is easily adjusted for preference (and dependent on amount of wool left); it can incorporate a short row toe which I love (partly I think because of the marvel of creating something 'in the round' when knitting back and forth on…