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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Ugly

Let's start with these socks ...

Remember them? Well, they just got uglier.

I'm not even sure why I haven't unravelled them and made something else but they are warm and I had already made one sock. (And it's only my choice of colours that makes them ugly as you will see if you check out the pattern.)

That was before I cast on for the second and decided that a scrap sock should at least look pretty. So I made a pretty sock (the 'good') and I unravelled the top of the ugly sock because I needed some more of the teal yarn.

But I still had a tube with a toe and a heel and decided to finish it with another yarn I had left over.

 Which I did. But I'm dragging my feet on finishing the second sock (pun intended) despite promising myself to finish them before I start another project (yeah, right).

The Bad

I'm actually in love with these socks. I love the Fair Isle on the sole from the self-patterning yarn, I love that they are resoleable if they ever …


Last weekend we had a lovely surprise visit from Son#3, DIL#3, and Son#5 ... which in turn led to some lovely family get-togethers. It seems like forever since we were all together so it was a wonderful surprise. (And I had to do a surprise shop since there wasn't enough food in the house for that many people.)

Yesterday I had another surprise. But first, let's go back in time ... back to when this blogger was a model teen (well, that's how I remember it).

At fourteen years of age I was diagnosed with hearing loss in my left ear. At the time it was a relief. That's why I had trouble learning words as a child; that's why I struggle to hear in group situations; that's why I can't pick out individual instruments when listening to orchestral music; that's why I have so much difficulty learning a spoken language (I did fine at Latin). I'm not stupid after all.

At the time I was told several things: the hearing loss was in my left ear and only at some fre…

The Reason

This is the reason why over the past week it has felt that Spring has not sprung in our part of the world.

Look closely at the hills in the background.

Okay, I'll help you out ...

Still can't see it? How about this?

That is snow. Fresh snow. More than we often see this low even during winter. And when we do see it, we moan and complain about how cold it is.

It's been cold. Too cold for Spring.

But as the picture shows, Spring might be able to redeem herself ... if the sunny afternoon is anything to judge by.

Let's hope so anyway.