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Sixty Hours

In approximately sixty hours I'll see my DH again. I've had no contact with him for the last 12 hours and will not hear from him again until his plane touches down on familiar ground once more.

It's been a l-o-n-g three weeks. I've missed him dreadfully at times. And he has missed not one ...

(Photo of Son#1's birthday cake which blogger has turned around and won't let me put right way up.)
not two ...

(Son#5's birthday cake - lemon cheesecake.)

but three ... family birthdays!!!

(Blueberry cheesecake made By DIL#1 - she made the first cake too - and decorated by The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1.)

I've missed his support and encouragement but his sons have stepped into the breach and their broad shoulders have provided the support that I've needed. I've seen a new side of my sons these last few weeks and all I can say is: their wives (and future wives) are very blessed indeed!

But while I'm looking forward to seeing DH again there's…

The Bride (and Groom) Wore White

It’s official. The Garden Wedding Quilt is finished. And I’m happy with the way it turned out (although haven’t heard yet if the newlyweds like it).

The quilt is based on the Double Wedding Ring pattern. There seems to be a lot of myth associated with this pattern but very little known history. It appears to have first been published as a design in the early part of the twentieth century and reached the height of its popularity during the Depression era.

Whatever its true history it has become synonymous with romance and wedlock. It’s interconnecting rings (the design of which may date as far back as fourth century Romans) can symbolise love, marriage, togetherness and unity.

There are also other symbols in the quilt: hearts for romance and to signify love; and feathers for peace and happiness.

The cream background was chosen with purity in mind - just as in times past the bride would have worn white as a symbol of her purity. In our culture today it’s become commonplace for the brid…

One Week Ago

(All photos can be clicked on to view larger.)

Rather dark family photo (minus Son#1 who was behind the lens).

Groom with his two favourite nieces.

Handsome groom and best man.

A lovely couple.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 is only interested in one thing and it's not the camera!

Nor is it her sister!

Another family photo and this time with Son#1 in front of the lens.

Best Man and Matron of Honour (who is the bride's sister and shares the same name as Son#2's first SIL, making it rather confusing at times).

No words needed.


Hopefully not worrying about his speech (which was great by the way).

He didn't need to worry about his speech either!

A favourite shot.

And another ...

and another ...

and yet another.

Proud parents steal a quiet moment.

The Results Are In

Son#4 and Son#5 passed their exams. One with merit the other with excellence. There were some surprises but overall they're pleased.

I'm pleased.

Their father's pleased. Well that was the impression I got from the text message he sent on his cell phone (our only contact at the moment). I might be a writer and I might love words but text messages generally leave me cold (and I really really want to use correct spelling when I text but it just wastes characters - and time). But at the moment, I'll take them!

Anyway it seems that Son#4 has retained his reputation as the family brains and hopefully Son#5 has learnt that hard work does pay off!

Actually Son#4's brothers used a slang term in place of 'brains' but I won't use it here in case it has negative connotations in some parts of the world. Or has the opposite meaning (which happened not too long ago on a forum I frequent where I was called something that basically means 'dunce' here but has the op…

There's More Than One Way ...

... To Feed A Baby

(as these photos prove).

Photo Journal

What better way to show what we've been up to over the past five days than to share some photos?

The scenery ...


The relaxed groom ...

... still relaxed ...

... now with his beautiful bride ...

The handsome best man ...

... a gorgeous guest ...

Guess what this is?

Here's a clue ...

(Yes, it's the airport that DH flew out of. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it?)
Family moments ...


Today is our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. We celebrated yesterday morning by going out for breakfast. If we hadn’t, the rest of the week was looking too busy to do anything resembling a celebration. Not only is today our wedding anniversary but it’s also the day we travel ‘up and across’ to the town when Son#2 marries his beautiful bride this coming Saturday. What can I say? As a family we’re looking forward to the privilege of welcoming this beautiful girl into our family. And the Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World finally get a ‘real’ auntie after only knowing five uncles!

When we return on Monday we will be down two family members. Naturally Son#2 will not be with us. He will be with his new wife – as he should be. But DH will not be with us either. Sunday morning he flies out to India to build homes for tsunami victims. It’s all too easy for those of us in the Western World to forget about these disasters soon after they’ve occurred but for the people affected it can li…

So Close

I am 'this close' to finishing the quilt for Son#2 and his bride. I could've finished it today except ... yesterday afternoon I ran out of quilting cotton. You can see in this photo (lower edge) the small area that remains to be quilted:

I can't use just any cotton. It has to be the same colour and type. Realising that I was running out I made a quick dash into town Saturday afternoon but the shop was closed. Notice I said 'shop' and not 'shops'. That's because there is only one shop in our town that stocks the cotton I need. And it was closed.

Today I got DH to drive past the shop when we went into town to get groceries. It was still closed! I know it's a holiday - the last four days have been statutory holidays which would normally be reason to celebrate in our household but not when I've run out of quilting cotton! - but couldn't they have opened just for say half an hour so that I could purchase what I needed!

Okay. I'm only thinkin…