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Slowly, but surely, I am getting the quilt for Son#3 and his beautiful bride-to-be quilted. Today is the last day of my holidays and while I'm pleased with the progress to date, I really wish I had another week or two to devote exclusively to quilting. Some cooler weather would be nice too. Not that I'm minding these extra-warm days but it does get a little hot sitting under a queen sized quilt that contains wool batting while you quilt.

I also have an itchy throat and a headache which has absolutely nothing to do with quilting or going back to work, except that I could feel a little miserable at work. Especially tomorrow which will be a training-type day and one that I'm not exactly looking forward to.

But I digress. So on to the progress on the quilt:

There are four large blue triangles in the corners. One has been quilted with feathers and echo quilting (what was I thinking?); another the feathers have been completed; and I'm currently working on the feathers on the…


Nineteen. The number of years we have been blessed with Son#5 and the number of guests who celebrated his birthday (if you count Son#2 who came after he finished work and The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 who turned five months old and slept most of the afternoon away).

However, there may be some who think he is older than his years since The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 helped me put the candles on the cake.

He looks quite good for ninety-one, don't you think?

Due to his advancing age, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 not only helped blow out the candles, but also cut the cake (she'd had lots of practice having done it for her birthday just three days earlier).

Now there are exactly five pieces left of one of the cakes which I have claimed as mine (since it contains no flour) and I'm hoping they will still be there at dinner time tonight (perhaps I should hide them from the family?) by which time I may have convinced at least one male in my household to make me a cup of…


The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 got to blow out the candles and cut the cake again. I don't think she minded ...

 And The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 received a new cast and handled it very well considering the excitement she'd shown earlier when she thought she was going to get it off for good ...

 And then there was the joy of just hanging out together again ...

( Who invited this guest???)

 (I know these tablecloths are very 'eighties' but for some reason my granddaughters love them and choose them whenever they get a chance. One day I'll make them disappear but in the meantime the family are subjected to the horror of eating off said tablecloths.)

A Shared Life

We've been watching a lot of movies at night lately so that I can get a ton of hand quilting done on the wedding quilt for Son#3 and his wife-to-be. Recently, there was a comment in one show that really resounded with me:

A life not shared is no life at all.

So, since I get to share my life with some of the most awesome people on the planet, I'm going to be gracious and share it with you in photos. Of course, since most family members over the age of seven are camera shy, it will be photos of the younger - and most adorable - members that I'll share.

Great Expectations

Yesterday I was surprised when the courier arrived at my door with several boxes. It could only mean one thing: my books had arrived!

Funnily enough, it turned out to be the wrong shipment. The family - and I - got a laugh out of it and I contacted the publisher to let them know of the error. (I do however feel sympathy for the author who has to wait a few days longer for her books and wish that I could somehow get them to her sooner). 
But today, disappointment gave way to another feeling altogether. Can you guess?

It should have been expectation and excitement. The only problem is: I'm not sure how I feel. After taking years to get to this place - for a variety of reasons including the downturn in the economy - one would think I would be over the moon. And I should be. The books are everything I had hoped for and the two thus far in the series look lovely together. Yet ...
I guess it's just the normal reaction of a mother about to turn her baby loose in the world. I wrote a…


Why, oh why, did I decide on echo quilting as the best filler for the background of the quilt I'm making Son#3 and his fiance?

It will take me forever to do, and the wedding is less than eighty days away.

On the bright side, while looking for examples of echo quilting and trying to determine if it was more time-consuming than cross-hatching, I stumbled across this blog. It inspired me to keep going.

Meanwhile, here's a progress pic that doesn't show the areas where the echo quilting is to go. I have to keep some things secret, after all!

On second thought, does it really matter? It's not as if I'm showing the whole quilt. Besides, the groom has already seen it, even if I am trying to keep it hidden from the bride.

I'm convinced that anyone who decides to do this much hand quilting in such a relatively short amount of time - especially when that hand quilting is not going to be easily seen due to the background fabric - is certifiable. That, or they need to save…


January is known as "Birthday Month" in our family. Technically, the birthdays start in December, just 3 days after Christmas, and finish just three days before the end of the January. Five birthdays and two wedding anniversaries in our immediate family in the space of one month exactly. Of course, we could bring in the in-laws and boost the tally even more. But these celebrations are the ones that we gather together for and which do the most damage - to the diet anyway.

I'm waiting for Son#3 to get me the photos off his camera so that I can post pictures of the birthdays not on my camera, but I'll post what I have so far. There are still two birthdays to go and perhaps I'll just add them to this post later in the month.

It all started with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 who was our very special late Christmas gift six years ago. It's hard to believe how fast that time has gone.

[Insert photos here.]

Even harder to believe is that my "baby" - my …