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A New Era

When Son#1 left home at the beginning of 2003 to embark on tertiary study, I could not imagine the moment when almost thirteen years later our youngest son would complete his tertiary studies.

It feels like the end of an era. And I'm not sure if I'm ready for it.

Last weekend DH and I helped move four years' worth of belongings from Son#5's student flat (apartment). His exclamations that it felt weird to be finished with university echoed my own feelings. To not have an excuse to visit our neighbouring town or have somewhere to call in when we do 'have' to visit (for shopping or concerts or DH's work) will seem weird at first. We've gotten to know this town almost as well as our own and can find our way around easily. We even know where the best places are to eat now (it took us a while but when four sons choose the same university to attend, you have several years to get to know a place).

But it's come to an end. And for him a new chapter has begun…


Twenty six years ago my beautiful sister-in-law breathed her last on earth and immediately after breathed the sweet air of heaven. She had turned twenty two only earlier in the month.

Today another beautiful sister (this time not by blood or law but in Christ) breathed her last on earth and stepped into heaven and breathed its sweet air for the first time and for all eternity.

Both fought a brave battle with cancer and overcame. Not here on earth, but in their souls which will live on throughout eternity. Both faced death with courage and peace and stepped into the presence of their Lord and Saviour.
Both left dear ones behind. Husband, parents, siblings, and for the latter, six beautiful children.

We were travelling and had been out of cellphone range when we finally received the news of my friend’s death. It was not unexpected, although we had still held onto hope that even at this late stage God could raise her up and heal her. And while we can be excited that she is now seeing Jesus f…

Where is God?

Last night when we arrived home after having helped Son#5 and his friends move all their furniture out of their student flat, we were met with the awful news of the shootings in Paris. As I read about the heart breaking drama, a verse immediately came to mind:

It is so easy to ask where was God in all of this and I imagine many of my acquaintance are asking that right now. But are they laying blame where it doesn't belong?

Firstly, it is the thief that seeks to kill and destroy. Not the I AM. Why blame God when He is the One who has promised us life?

Secondly, we largely ignore God, ask Him to leave our schools, our courts, our governments, our nations, and yet we expect Him to suddenly intervene when something like this occurs despite not having sought Him previously.

Thirdly, how often do we acknowledge the good He sends us? Do we ask ourselves then, where is God in all this and praise Him for His goodness, or do we erroneously believe that it's our own efforts that have bro…

That Moment

That moment of blessing when your offspring share a story and you realise that once again, God has watched over them and protected them.

When Son#1 left home and was studying it became somewhat of a joke between us ...

Me (on the phone): "What time did you get home last night?"

Son#1: "What time were your awake and praying?"

Me: "Two o-clock [or whatever time it was]."

Son#1: "Close enough."

Since then there have been many times I've been praying and I have not learnt until afterwards (if at all since I am sure my sons don't tell me everything) how God's Hand has kept them safe and brought them back to the family fold.

I am entirely grateful. Immensely grateful. More-than-words-can-describe grateful.

Usually the stories begin with "I don't think we've told you this ..." or "You don't want to know but ..." or even (because my sons know me very well) "You're going to freak out when you hear this…