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Our South Island Adventure: An Unwelcome Souvenir

It appears that we could not leave the South Island without bringing home some lasting souvenir of our time away. However, our 'souvenir' is not of the conventional kind.
While away, DH sustained what appeared to be a minor injury yet it has had far reaching consequences. Tuesday October 11 after we had booked into our accommodation DH went back to Curio Bay to see if he could see penguins or dolphins. I stayed behind. By the time the hands of the clock passed 7, I was beginning to think that he had been a while but assumed that he had found something of interest to observe. At 7.30 pm I made my tea and had only just begun eating it when he arrived back. He insisted on a shower before eating and it wasn’t until later that he showed me the huge gash on his leg from where he had slipped on some rocks. (Apparently he had also banged his head but I can’t remember him telling me this.)
The next day as we were exploring McLean Falls he commented that his shoulder was sore from the …

Our South Island Adventure Day Fourteen


Today’s brief was simple: explore Otago Peninsula, supposedly one of the most romantic places in the world. Although beautiful, I struggled to see the romance. (DH would tease me and ask, "Isn't this romantic?" when I voiced my opinion. Um, no.) We began with a visit to the gardens and Ballroom CafĂ© at Larnach Castle. A beautiful, beautiful place but with a complex and tragic history. It's a reminder that money doesn’t guarantee happiness (and sin also has its consequences).

Afterwards we drove out to Taiaroa Head where we observed fur seals swimming in the bay. At one stage we saw three chasing each other and porpoise-ing which was so exciting to watch. Something that puzzles me is the number of tourists who are more interested in selfie photos than the scenery or wildlife. We witnessed this at Milford Sound, but today, after we had pointed out to another couple a fur seal swimming lazily in the bay and turning over and clapping, we were greeted with what ap…

Our South Island Adventure Day Thirteen

Owaka to Dunedin

On leaving Owaka we went out to Jack’s Bay and Jack’s Blowhole. We didn’t see it blowing (or perhaps what we expected blowing to look like), perhaps because it was low tide, but it was impressive all the same. It’s 200 metres from the sea and you wouldn’t want to fall in!

On then to Surat Bay where we saw no wreck (just a sign), no seals, and a whole lot of shoes hung in a tree.

Next stop was Cannibal Bay. Not because there was anything of interest there according to the map but because how can you not stop at a place called Cannibal Bay? After 7km of winding gravel road I was feeling a little sick so when I couldn’t locate my camera I decided to go for a walk without it. Big mistake!

At Cannibal Bay we saw at least eight sea lions on the beach and got close to three. As we walked along the beach we could see the sea lions at the other end, four of them playing on the sand and in the waves, two sleeping, and a lone one trying to decide whether he wanted to go for …