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Reintroducing The Family: Part Five

His grandmother recently referred to him as a rebel; his grandfather used to call him "that boy"; as the youngest he has always had a unique approach to life ... it's time to reintroduce Son#5.

Son#5 was not yet a teenager when he became an uncle. I have always been touched by Son#1's insistence that Son#5 be the first to hold his niece out of all the uncles. Son#1 alone recognised that his youngest brother - unlike all the brothers that had gone before - had never held a baby newborn into our family. And Son#5 didn't object (and still doesn't even when his nieces climb all over him).

I first introduced Son#5 here. Since then, he has grown into adulthood (where did those years go?). Unconcerned as to what others would think, he followed in the footsteps of his older brothers and sister-in-law and graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Engineering. We have yet to see if he marries someone in the medical field.

Son#5 has expressed an interest in a young lad…

Reintroducing The Family: Part Four

Last night Son#2 shared with the family a photo of Son#4 with four of his nieces crawling over him and added a cheeky caption. I won't share the caption (or photo) but it reminded me of a time several years ago when Son#4 was home from Uni and some of his friends had dropped in. I was babysitting The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 who was just a baby then and had just put her to bed. I needed to pop out for half an hour or so and, without even a second thought, left her in Son#4's charge.

Apparently, after I left, the conversation with his friends went something like this (apologies in advance to Son#4 if I've misrepresented the conversation - something my family often accuses me of doing even though I try to stick to the facts as I remember them).

Friends, in disbelieve (perhaps even alarm): Did your mum just go out and leave you with a baby?

Son#4, unconcerned: Yep.

Friends, still obviously concerned: What if it wakes?

Son#4, still very much unconcerned: She won't wa…

Reintroducing The Family: Part Three

Sometimes I like to set myself impossible - or at least unreasonable - tasks. This year was no exception. I decided to knit socks for all my sons.

I have five sons.


Amazingly I finished them all bar one indiviudal sock by the shortest day of the year. And that one was only a week late.

Which brings me to Son#3. (Actually I'm not sure how we got here but here we are!)

I first introduced Son#3 here. I wrote about his engagement here and here and I shared photos of his wedding here and here.

Son#3 did a Bachelor of Enginneering and then followed with his Masters. DIL#3 works in the medical field. It is important to keep this in mind as you will eventually discover.

Son#3 and his lovely wife have just bought their first home. Four hours away. Four! That means we spend a lot of time missing them.

But we really are quite happy for them and try to make the most of any time the family manages to all get together.

Oh, and how could I forget their adorable baby?