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Ye Little Road Trip

It all began when DH mentioned that he had a job in Gisborne that would take him away from home for a day or so and wondered - perhaps idly at first - if I would like to go with him. Since I had never visited the area but had heard enough about it to arouse my curiosity, I agreed to go. So DH planned the job to coincide with school holidays (and thus my holidays) and on ANZAC Day we set off.

The early part of the trip was a walk down memory lane. How any of our children can fail to recognise a particular landmark is beyond me, but it seems they did. (Hint: think of a particular photo that was on our 'fridge for many years.)

For DH, it was also a journey back to his boyhood days.

And then it was on to new territory.

After DH had finished work on Friday, we had time to do some sightseeing. Gisborne is renowned for many things (including the first town in the world to see the sun rise, and the shortest river in New Zealand at just 1200m long) but until we visited I had no idea that i…


I live in a country where I can voice an opinion without fear, and yet my voice - and that of others - was ignored in Parliament and our voice was not sought in the form of a referendum. We had no voice.

They say that it won't change marriage. And yet, in a subtle way, it has already changed mine. When I wear my wedding ring or talk proudly of my spouse, there will no longer be the understanding that marriage is a complete union - physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual - between a man and a woman. As ridiculous as it sounds, we may even hear the question, "Is your husband a man or a woman?" That complete and complementary union which is the mystery of marriage is impossible between a same-sex couple and yet our politicians fail to grasp this.

When man thinks they can take what God has ordained and improve upon it, he makes a mistake. By redefining marriage we haven't made it better, but have abolished all that it has stood for from the beginning of time and replaced…

Wedding Quilts

Celebrate Hand Quilting  is asking its readers to share a favourite hand quilted piece and being in the mood for showing off, I decided to join in the fun. However, it's hard for me to choose just one favourite. Every quilt that I've hand quilted is a favourite! I just never feel the same way about one that's been machine quilted (by me at least) even though it's finished in a fraction of the time.

Anyway, here are some of my very best favourites. The first one, my regular readers will recognise. It's my "marathon quilt". The one that I spent almost every available moment on so that I could get it finished in time for Son#3's wedding. I called it "Something Blue".

The next is one of the first large-sized quilts I tackled. I wanted to do lots of hand quilting in the light areas - and I did - but it doesn't show up very well. I think I called it "Geese in the Cabin".

This is the quilt I completed for Son#2 and his bride when they…

To Share Some More

My SIL sent me some photos that she took at the wedding and I just have to share some of them. They are just gorgeous. Of course, the bride couldn't have looked anything but gorgeous anyway, but it's nice to see that the rest of the family scrubbed up okay too.

Obviously we need another family wedding so that we can get a decent family photo. I had high hopes of getting a lovely family pic this time but that was before I stupidly went in and had my fringe 'tidied up' a few days before the wedding. To say I was upset is an understatement. As if I didn't have enough against me ... still, it wasn't about me, and in the end I decided to enjoy the day and be happy for the couple (and us too) and not stress about things I couldn't change.

However I'm still putting my order in for a family photo where everyone is present and looking at the camera and smiling, where no one is poking out their tongue or trying to escape, where I am not wearing a dress that colou…

Another Lovely Daughter!

Beautiful weather ... beautiful ceremony ... beautiful couple.

P.S. Hopefully better photos to come when the official photos are available. But I couldn't wait until then!