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"Proof of Life"

With thanks to Son#5 for the gorgeous photos, and to our Heavenly Father who is our Shield and Protector who has proved His faithfulness again and again this past week.

As Cyclone Gita is set to hit our shores and with two sons in its possible path (the rest of us have now narrowly escaped apparently) we put our trust in God to protect and keep us.

It is tempting, given the spate of warnings over the last year of storms that have come to nothing, to ignore this one. Too many cries of "Wolf" some might say. But I believe that would be foolhardy. Cyclones have been know to change course or to diminish in intensity but we need to be prepared. Besides, there is definitely a change in the air - it can be felt and only time will tell what will be the outcome.

A year ago my sister was expecting a Category 4 to make landfall where she lived ... once again I put my trust in the One who can calm the wind and the waves.

The following Psalm was my reading from last night - a passage th…


The night of January 31 was anticipated by novice and professional sky-watchers alike. The moon was about to put on a display that had not been witnessed in New Zealand for over 150 years. A rare event where a blue moon had synced up with a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse.

Determined not to miss out on seeing such a rare phenomenon DH and I set our alarm to get up to view the moon at the optimal times: 2:00 through to 2:30 am Despite the early hour, we were undeterred. This was a once in a lifetime event and not to be missed (even if some of us did grumble a little about the unsocial hour).

The alarm went all too soon. Still half asleep I wandered outside to be greeted by less than one eighth of moon that boasted a slightly pinkish glow. Disappointed - but knowing we still had until 2:30 am for the ultimate reveal - I went inside for a few minutes. On my return, the moon had totally disappeared and all we saw for the next half hour was cloud.


How could there be cloud on suc…