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One of the great things about the Christmas holidays is managing to tick off some items on my ever-growing to-do list. After everyone had gone home after Christmas and New Year, I pulled out my UFO (un-finished object) of many years standing and decided THIS was the year I was going to finish it.

And finish it I did.

According to my records, I began hand piecing this quilt on July 25, 2002. That's a long time ago. Granted I have made and hand quilted at least three queen-sized bed quilts as wedding gifts, two cot quilts, and two single bed quilts, made a number of  quilt tops and machine-quilted quilts, and finished off a variety of other projects (some of similar long standing duration) in that time, but fourteen years is still a long time.

However one advantage of taking so long to make the quilt is that it contains scraps from many of the quilts that I made during those years, making it a memory quilt. This was also my first attempt at trapunto, and I'm happy to say I lear…

Thirty Three

Today marks our ability to survive thirty-three years of wedded life. Yep, you read that correctly. Thirty three years.

A few days ago as I considered this impending and momentous occasion (because, let's face it, thirty-three years is an achievement in this day and age), I was feeling really reluctant to celebrate. Life was feeling a bit blah, possibly an anticlimactic reaction after Christmas and having the joy of the whole family around, possibly tiredness (I haven't slept well over the past few weeks), possibly hormonal, and possibly just that I'm all celebrated out after weeks of celebrations leading up to Christmas (not that DH and I attended either of our work functions but there were still other celebrations to be had).

As I was thinking on this I was reminded of Captain Jim in L. M. Montgomery's "Anne's House of Dreams" where he says, "But it ain't our feelings we have to steer by through life--no, no, we'd make shipwreck mighty ofte…

Picnic: A True Definition

A picnic is an event that requires rising at dawn (or earlier) to prepare food that will make a meal served at a much later time look effortless and thrown together. Several elements must always be present: at least one "failure" (this time the buns failed to rise), at least one forgotten ingredient (only the sugar for Son#1's coffee), and an expectation that everything tastes better outdoors.

A picnic involves hours of travelling with at least one family member feeling sick (me) and another almost-sick or wanting to be (real or imagined - in this case I think The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 was pretending). Usually at least one family member (but never the driver) falls asleep five minutes before reaching the destination.

A picnic involves an element of fear for the young (crossing the dam was scary!) and old (continually ensuring everyone is accounted for) and often, too, surprise (as when The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 stepped onto what looked like sticks coverin…

The Reason

This is really a Christmas post -  although not just about Christmas - and I've regretted that I didn't write or say something earlier. It was one of those comments (on Facebook actually) that had a grain of truth in it - just enough to make it dangerous and to blind people to the deception.

It went something along the lines of this: if we show love to others, work for peace, forgive others, care for the needy, then we're keeping Christ in Christmas even if we don't mention His Name because it's implied in the other things that we do.

Sounds good at first but dig deeper and what you discover is that it's just another ploy to throw Christ out of Christmas and replace Him with something else. Peace. Love. Good Works.

There is nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves. We all seek love. We all want peace. We are called to do good works.

But without Christ we end up with only poor imitations of true love and peace. Without Christ, good works are just, w…