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Son#2 has shared his photos with me and while many are superior to the ones I shared yesterday, I have to admit that I have never laughed so much as what I did when I saw their family photos.

One Most Adorable Granddaughter pulled faces in every photo; another obviously didn't want to be there and was uncooperative; a third sucked her thumb or cuddly; and the other one cried and tried to escape.

In. Almost. Every. Single. Photo.

But the shots from the back were good ... and some of the others aren't too bad.


Yesterday I took the day off work to attend Son#2's graduation. Yes, I shared photos of his graduation years ago when he obtained his Bachelor's degree. But since then he has put in a lot of hard work and made sacrifices to obtain his Master's degree.

Actually, I'm not too sure who made the greater sacrifice as it's been a long haul not just for him but for his wife and family too.

But it's done. And yesterday we got to celebrate and honour his achievements. And, much to his delight, his grandmother was able to make it this time.

I was hoping to have seen his photos by now as mine are very poor indeed (and are missing two very important family members). In fact, the photo of us taken from behind is probably the best ... but I'll let you be the judge.