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A Prayer

One of the things I find fascinating and encouraging about reading the Bible in its entirety over a given period of time, is that regardless of how often I have read the Bible through, there is always something new and fresh to discover.

Take this morning for instance. Psalm 90. I have read the Psalms far more than any other book in the Bible. I am familiar with many of the verses in this chapter. But this morning a particular verse touched me as if I had just read it for the very first time.

It was the last verse of this particular Psalm:

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands.

The first thing that spoke to my heart was the phrase "the beauty of the Lord our God". Maybe this was because I was feeling that I was sadly lacking in the beauty department and I needed reminding that physical beauty is fleeting. Or perhaps it was because it almost instantly reminded me of another beautiful ver…


F-i-n-a-l-l-y I am able to share the photos from Son#5's graduation last week. We took a few photos but nothing worth sharing (except on Facebook where I could embarrass him in front of all his friends), hence the wait.

Unlike previous years, it was not freezing cold (it was cold but not big-fat-jacket-cold) nor was it raining (a few spits that we ignored). There was wind and when he saw the photos DH asked why I didn't tell him his hair was blowing around and sticking up. Um, because I was looking at the camera?

Without further ado (and with evidence from whence came his good looks) I henceforth share photos of the fourth family member to graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) ...

A-Walking I Shall Go

I went out walking last night and didn't pass a single walker or runner. And for good reason. Most people show more sense than yours truly. Despite there being severe weather warnings in place I decided to venture out anyway.

I love a good walk in the rain.

Just not icy cold rain that feels like needles whenever it hits the skin. Especially when accompanied by gale force winds that makes one wonder if they are making any progress forwards.

I arrived home drenched to the skin and with ear ache so severe that I couldn't stand upright.

My self-inflicted misery was compounded by my inability to light the fire despite an hour of trying. DH likes the toxic-smelling, air-polluting fire lighters we purchased and so kindly disposed of all the newspaper I was saving. I cannot cut kindling and it seems no one else wants to (despite all the sacrifices I have made over the years) so it makes no difference that I would prefer to light my fire with kindling and newspaper ... I am  going to …


Today Son#1 asked me how I liked the new light bulbs in our bathroom. I didn't tell him that when we first installed them that every time I looked in the mirror I wondered if I was ill since I looked so deathly pale. But I did mention that I would like a light bulb to be invented that hid every wrinkle and silver hair.

Miss Almost-Seven was listening and asked, "Why don't you dye your hair brown?"

I explained that I would have to do it every three weeks to cover the roots once I started and that I didn't have the time, and that my grey hairs didn't take dye easily. I could also have added that I don't like putting such a cocktail of chemicals on my head and am also nervous about allergic reactions having reacted to a number of personal care products in the past (with no known common denominator).

She asked, "Don't you like brown hair?"

I replied, "I do. But it's not growing brown out of my head any more."

She was thoughtful for…