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Five Twenty


Five Twenty was the time the ANZAC Day Dawn Service began today. I'd say Pre-dawn Service as the sun still wasn't obvious when we returned home an hour later,  but I guess it depends on your definition of dawn.

ANZAC Day is a day of public remembrance for Australians and New Zealanders. It's a day where prayers to the Christian God are allowed and tolerated in public ceremonies. It's a day where we hear God Save the Queen, the words having greater meaning when we realise she has just celebrated her ninetieth birthday and almost sixty-five years of reigning "over us" (February 2017 will mark that anniversary). It's a time when I get to hear my National Anthem sung in public, since I never attend international sport events where it might be sung, and can be excused for allowing a tear or two to escape. It's a time when New Zealand' s National Anthem is sung and its words are loaded with meaning and remembrance and hope that God will continue to &q…

One Hundred

One hundred is the number of bulbs I planted today with just a hand trowel. Come spring, I will probably think it's not enough, but today I thought it was plenty!

I dislike winter. There are only a few things I enjoy about the season and, "enjoy" is probably too strong a word. They are:

One, several members of my family, including three Most Adorable Granddaughters, celebrate birthdays in winter, so for their sakes, I will endure it.

Two, roaring fires, preferably ones that heat the whole room.

Three, knitted items, especially when they hide less than perfect figures and flabby arms. And knitting, too, of course, although why can't knitting build muscle?

Four, the coming of spring.

I had little appreciation for spring when we lived in Australia. There, we experienced two seasons: a hot one and a cold one (no, we weren't far enough north for a wet season and a dry). Spring was one day between winter and summer, and autumn, well autumn was non-existent.

I really e…


Easter weekend I gave The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 the task of official photographer while on a family walk. That's how I know I still had my bracelet that my husband had given me one wedding anniversary (twentieth perhaps?) ...

Three days later, after noticing the bangles on a colleague's wrist, I suddenly realised my bracelet was missing. I searched work ... I searched home ... I searched the car park ... I searched outside ... I searched the washing machine ... I searched wherever I thought it could be ... but I had to face facts: it was gone.

DH promised me a new one ... but it's not the same. I'm not a huge jewellery person: I feel weird buying it for myself and DH tends towards gifts of a more practical nature (although after many years of marriage he's now realising how much I appreciate gifts of silver and gold).This bracelet had significance and romantic associations and precious memories and I was disappointed it was missing. Greatly disappointed.



The packet said cucumber seeds. But what grew was anything but ...

Not that we're complaining. It was sweeter and juicier than any cucumber I've ever eaten before.

And we've saved the seeds to plant more melon-cumbers next year!