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Free Giveaway

To Await the Dream is free this weekend (eBook only) on Amazon. Check it out and also my author page.


I've reopened my writing blog, A Reason To Write.I will admit this is madness. I closed it because I didn't have the time to keep up one blog, let alone two (and to think I used to have three!!!) but my publisher has set up an author page for me on Amazon and suggested I might like to link to my blog.

Um, this blog? Where I talk about ginger beer and Most Adorable Granddaughters and knitting the heel just right in socks and all kinds of other uninspiring topics. After some discussion with some lovely and trusted ladies (online and in real life) I decided there was merit in reopening my writing blog.

Call it boundaries, call it professionalism, call it what you want: I am now the proud and slightly stupefied owner of two blogs.

It doesn't matter if some posts double up because I expect the readership to be different. And I would suggest that few - if any - would follow both blogs. And somehow I will find the time for both.

Meanwhile, if you clicked on my author page did y…

Long Time in the Making

When I first cast on for a baby jacket I wanted to knit, DH looked at the colour and, horrified, asked, "You're not knitting that for my granddaughter are you?"

Admittedly the colour was an unusual choice for a beautiful brand new baby but I knew something he didn't and I told him to wait. When I introduced the new colour after the bands, his protests stopped.
That was weeks ago (Son#5, how long has it been since we took you back to Uni? I remember I started it in the car on the way over) and I have only completed the jacket this past week. For such a wee item of clothing it has been a long time in the making.

There is nothing wrong with the pattern, but I think the bottom up construction slowed it down when one considers that fronts, back and sleeves all had to be knitted to underarm before being joined together to complete what is essentially a squared-off yoke. While I love the design and especially the way the variegated colour looks like stained glass next to …

Mothers Day

This post will be politically incorrect. I make no apologies for that. At the risk of sounding like the brash Australian that I am, I need to share something that is on my heart.

I've seen the articles and the Facebook posts leading up to Mothers Day from those who think we shouldn't mark today (for whatever reason) and believe me I understand. I do emphasise with the multitudes who find this day so very, very difficult.

For those who have recently lost a mother ... my heart goes out to you.

For those who were abused by a mother or who never knew their mother ... I weep with you for all that you never had.

For those who longed to be mothers and are not ... I can only imagine in part the longing and the pain you experience.

For those who are mothers but have lost a child ... I cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend the extent of your grief.

For anyone who finds Mothers Day difficult ... I do understand and my post is not designed to hurt you further.

But by failing to appr…