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Queen's Birthday Weekend

This weekend is a long weekend and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was at a Conference last Saturday and as a result have been tired all week. There were days I really didn’t want to get out of bed and had to drag myself to work and fake energy that I didn’t have. All week I’ve forced myself to do what needed to be done so three days to catch-up and to spend some time relaxing is just what I need.

Yesterday we looked after The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World to give her daddy a chance to study and her mummy a chance to rest. With just two weeks to her due date DIL#1 is very uncomfortable and tired.

I’ve seen a fridge magnet that says that grandchildren are the reward for not killing your own children! I think a lot of parents have times when they are just about ready to choke their kids. Well don’t despair. Grandchildren are a wonderful way of making up for all those times and also reminding your now grown children of all that they put you through!

We took The M…

The Problem With Scripture

I've been having terrible trouble memorising the passage that I chose for this month. I just can't seem to remember to take the time to learn it. And then when I do remember I'm reminded again of why I'm having so much trouble. It's just a little too close to the bone.

It's great when God's Word challenges - especially when it challenges someone else. It's not always so great when we realise we have to change our behaviour or when it addresses a situation that we find ourselves in and we'd rather react according to our 'natural' desires than by the way Christ calls us to live.

Recently we've had some dissension in our Bible Study group over the topic of creation. I believe in a literal 6-day creation week occurring approximately 6000 years ago and I believe that the evidence supports this. I believe that any other interpretation undermines the authority of God's Word. But my view is not shared by all Christians and subsequently I have …

Proud Mama (and a few other things)

The graduation photos have arrived. Check them out at the bottom of the graduation post.

Following Noel's lead I've also deactivated my Facebook account. I joined to keep up to date with an upcoming school reunion but frankly I just can't be bothered with it. Yes it was interesting to hear from old school friends, but no, we don't have anything in common. It may be a great way to social network but it's not me. I'm not interested in the games, being tagged, or what someone had for dinner. So it's gone. And I feel good.

On the same subject, perhaps someone can explain to me the appeal of Twitter because I just don't get it either despite reading several articles that have said it will raise my awareness as a writer and increase traffic to my not-yet-up-and-running website.

I'm following with interest Kristin's challenge to wear skirts/dresses for a week and to do a different hair style for each day of the week. I wear skirts often. I don't alway…

Country Roads, Rain and A Trembling Heart

DH and I joke that we've always wanted to live in the country hence the reason for our driveway looking like a deeply rutted country road. It's a disgrace and one day hopefully we'll finally get around to fixing it up, but for the moment it's our little bit of country living in the middle of town.

When it rains the potholes fill up with water. And rain it did last night. I woke at 2.00 am to the sound of heavy rain on the roof. Some time during the night it stopped raining and it hasn't rained all day but I almost wish it had. It was so cold outside with the children and all I wanted to do was go back inside in the warmth! But it was not to be.

Why is it that children don't seem to feel the cold the way we older folks do?

After work I rushed home to pick up a parcel and some letters to post and then stopped in at the post office. Afterwards I went to pick up Son#4 from school. He wasn't expecting me - he had classes after school for scholarship exams - but sin…

What Is 'My Voice'?

I was reading the other day that my voice is far more important than traffic to my blog (if you're interested you can read it here). It got me thinking as to what exactly is 'my voice'.

Some blogs tackle politics; or share homemaking secrets. Some are dedicated to crafts or cooking; while others encourage those that home school. Some call Christians to live lives that are pleasing to God; while others are not afraid to face the hard questions. Some give a glimpse into life in another culture; while others share stories of 'on the road'. Some are a way of keeping in touch with family and friends; while others appeal to a much larger readership. Whatever you can think to write about, it's out there waiting to be read.

What about my blog? What is its voice? What do others think of when they come to my blog? What are they expecting? Are they often disappointed?

And what is my blogging voice? Is it funny? Serious? Thoughtful and intelligent? Or just mundane?

You may thi…

One More Pearl

When Anne of Green Gables became engaged to Gilbert she chose a pearl for her betrothal ring. I didn't choose a pearl engagement ring, but I do love pearls. My husband gave me a stand of pearls for my thirtieth birthday and I wore them to Son#1's wedding (you can just see them in the photo). No doubt I will also wear them to Son#2's upcoming wedding - and probably the weddings of each of my sons.

However, last week, my husband also gave me another pearl. This time a Pearl Flute. Considering I still squeak at times and according to Son#2 am either flat or sharp most of the time (I'm convinced I sound much better when I play alone than when he brings out his violin and we attempt to make music - please spare a thought for the neighbours) this shows a lot of confidence in my ability that I'm not convinced is justified. Either that or he loves me very very much (possibly a bit of each).

The story of how this flute finally ended up in my possession is a story of God'…

It's Started Again

The winter season where we as parents get to sit outside for an hour, two nights a week, in the freezing cold, and watch our sons run up and down a turf (often in the rain) and call it 'hockey' (field hockey to my American and Canadian friends) has begun.

Last night I took The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World with us. "They're not playing hockey," she told me when she saw them on the turf. Well, they thought they were but I had to agree with her. There didn't appear to be a lot of enthusiasm from the majority of team members including my son. I'll say it here even though it will make me unpopular: they deserved to lose!

The Most Adorable Granddaughter took with her the hockey stick that DH had made. When we arrived home someone asked if she'd played hockey. "I didn't," she replied. We reminded her that she'd hit a ball around on the grass and she agreed but apparently it's not really hockey unless it's played on a turf…

A Hair-y Post

A comment on a recent hair post led me to consider sharing some of the secrets that I’ve discovered for shiny, healthy hair. I don't consider my hair to be anything wonderful but DH loves it long and so I keep it long and do all that I can to keep it looking healthy. So here are my tips (most are not specific to long hair so even if your hair is short you might find something that will work for you that you never considered before):

1. Natural versus Chemical. Sadly a lot of the chemicals we put in our hair from shampoos to dyes to styling products all have the potential to harm our hair. Some hair copes better with chemicals than others but I believe that all chemicals cause damage. Hence I limit my use of styling products, avoid chemical dyes completely, and use a natural shampoo and conditioner. However natural hair products can be more expensive. To keep costs down I dilute our shampoo 1:1 with herbal tea (I could dilute it even more but I find this ratio keeps it at a good co…

Graduation, Engagement and a Baby

In the space of less than 48 hours we have celebrated an engagement and a graduation, and learnt the sex of our newest grandbaby even though baby hasn't been born yet. Thrown in there somewhere was Mother's Day too.

So many exciting things that I don't know where to start!

Sunday evening, Son#2 rang us and told us that he was engaged. It wasn't totally unexpected although we hadn't thought it was going to happen Sunday. I later found out that Son#2 had had the ring in his room for the past week! I think there's a lesson for me: I need to be more diligent when it comes to cleaning my sons' bedrooms! (Actually I'm not serious. I respect their privacy - and their mess. I only vacuum if I can actually see the floor - usually not a problem with this particular son.)

Yesterday DH, DIL#1, The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World and I travelled over for Son#2's graduation. (Yes, Son#2 graduated and announced his engagement in the space of twenty-four hour…


For years I compared myself to another woman - the wife of my husband's best friend from school days. She was beautiful, thin, talented, accomplished, warm, hospitable, generous, friendly, her home was always immaculate, her garden always well-tended, her children polite and well-mannered, and there was always home-baking in her cookie jars and cake tins. I admired this woman - greatly - and secretly tried to copy her. To me she was my ideal of the perfect Christian woman, wife and mother. I could never imagine her raising her voice at her husband or children (I still can't).

I knew that trying to be someone else was not right. God has made me the way I am for a reason. I may not understand how or why, but somehow me, with all my faults and imperfections, am the right person to be a wife to my husband and a mother to the five wonderful sons we have been blessed with. If I try to model myself on anyone it should be on Jesus Christ.

Yesterday this lovely woman and her husband visi…

Let There Be Light!

Or if not light, at least power in my bedroom so I can use the electric blanket tonight! Please.

Yesterday afternoon Son#4 asked me, "Is there any reason why my computer would just suddenly turn off?"

I replied, "Not that I know of. Why?"

Son#4: "Just wondering" (or something to that effect).

Now you're probably thinking what an idiot I am for not chasing it up further and in hindsight I realise that I should have but I was on the family computer and it was working okay and we had lights on in several rooms so I didn't pay too much attention.

Son#2 arrived home from work and made some comment about there having been a power blackout because his alarm clock was blinking. Since it was obviously working now I didn't get concerned. Fast forward half an hour or so and he tells me that his power has gone again.


I start paying attention. But obviously not enough. Not until Son#2 said that he wouldn't be able to use his electric blanket did I real…

Where Have You Been Hiding This?

This question is for all my American friends and especially those in the South: where have you been hiding cornbread all these years?

The first time I tried cornbread – many years ago – it was dry, gritty, and rather tasteless. But in my recent quest for yeast-free bread I decided to give it another go. I used the same recipe as before except in place of 1½ teaspoons of butter I used 1½ tablespoons. I also added some grated cheese. Following a tip I discovered online, I placed the pan for the cornbread with a small amount of oil in the oven at the same time that I preheated the oven. When the cornbread was mixed I took the pan out, brushed the oil around the pan, and added the batter, then popped it all back into the oven.

Now this might be elementary for all you lovely ladies who have been making cornbread for years, but this was totally new for me.

When the cornbread was cooked, I took it out, and tasted it. Mmmmmmm. It was neither dry, nor gritty, nor tasteless. It had a similar textu…

Just Past the First of May

I started this blog originally because I wanted to have a place to share my hair journey with other interested parties, but as others have stopped by to read my blog, I've felt a little embarrassed talking hair. Why, I don't know. I guess it just seems frivolous but long hair is a part of me, so I'm going to do a quick update. If you're not interested, please just skip this post! :)

In the long hair world, the first of the month is an excellent time to measure one's hair and see how long it's grown. For me, I'm back at 35" or 89 cm. This is the longest its ever been and probably about the length I will keep it at. However, I do like the idea of gaining another 4" (10cm) just so that I can say for once in my life I had hair a metre long!

I've changed my routine slightly. CWC has been thrown out with the bathwater! Using expensive conditioner before and after shampooing didn't really appeal to my frugal side, so I dropped it. Instead I use a …

I'm Back!

I'm not sure what exactly I achieved this past week being offline but I'll see if I can gather my thoughts and share what I learnt:

1. You don't need television or the internet to know what's going on in the world. We have still managed to be exposed to the panic associated with swine flu just by mixing with other people. From our perspective it would seem that the panic surrounding swine flu has spread at a much greater rate than the flu itself. Yes there have been three confirmed cases in our country and even more suspected, but it also seems that the media have in no way allowed the truth to get in the way of a good story (we've had a local outbreak of another virus which at any ordinary time would have people worried but not now - in fact it's practically been overlooked);

2. Our house is certainly quieter without internet or the television. Although I was the only one who made a conscious decision to stay offline and DH the only who decided not to watch tele…