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DH and I have returned from our adventure. And for this initially-reluctant traveller it has been a return filled with both anticipation and regret. Anticipation because I missed my beautiful family and desperately longed to see them again; regret for all the beautiful, courageous people I left behind. Especially the children. Much to my surprise, I'm keen to get on another plane (did I really write that?) and go back. As DH and I settle back into New Zealand life we are unable to forget the people we lived amongst for seventeen incredible days. Over the next few days (weeks?) I hope to make sense of this incredible experience, and perhaps discover how God wants me to use this experience, by writing about it on this blog.
But first to the beginning. Thirty years ago DH and I began an adventure: an adventure called marriage. It has netted us five wonderful sons of whom we are extremely proud, three beautiful daughters-in-law whom we love dearly, and five Most Adorable Granddaughters.…

The Journey: Part 1

I'm writing this with several emotions warring to be the winner to topple my fragile sense of peace and calm to the ground. In less than 4 hours DH and I will have begun our journey that will see us visiting friends in a remote area of South East Asia. (To protect the privacy of the people they work with I will not be sharing exact locations but I do hope to be sharing some photos.)

Our bags have been packed since Saturday and all that's left to do is throw in a few last minute items (the phones that have been charging overnight and my glasses which I'm wearing now), get ourselves ready, and then say our goodbyes.

This is the part I'm dreading. We've said goodbye to our married sons and their families already (and received one of those if-looks-could-kill glares from The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 because we'll be missing her birthday - and not just hers) and even felt a little teary when I realised how long it would be before we see them again, but it's…

The Eight Stages of Tramping (Hiking for my American Friends)

Stage One: You begin with a slightly virtuous feeling knowing that you're going to do something good for your body and perhaps work off some of those excess calories from Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Stage Two: Excitement as you set off on your tramp. After all, how hard could it be?
Stage Three: The excitement has worn off but you're not yet into the finding-it-difficult part of the walk. The terrain isn't too hard, the weather is perfect, the scenery is gorgeous, and soon you'll stop for a break. Life is good.

Stage Four: The What-Was-I-Thinking stage. The novelty is over, the excitement has vanished, and now it just seems like hard work. You just want it to be over.

Stage Five: The I-Want-To-Die stage. Your legs are shaking, your throat is burning, your heart pumping so hard you know it can't take much more, and, frankly, you don't care whether you live or die, you just want it to stop. This is also the stage where you want to inflict serious bodily…