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I Have A Sneaking Suspicion

that it was the children that DH enjoyed most about India ...

... if his photos are anything to go by!

Remember This Cake?

The original recipe I changed a little by mixing up a double batch and omitting the cocoa from one batch. I then put the plain batter in the bottom of both tins, added the brown sugar-cinnamon-chip mix and then topped with the chocolate batter. Voila! a new cake favourite. I made this one for Son#3 who is twenty-one today!

He liked his food as a baby so I suspect this cake will go down a treat!

I wonder if he'll share it with others or be like his brother who when he turned nineteen one month ago ate the entire cake all by himself.

Now That DH is Back on NZ Soil I Can Make an Announcement

Scheduled posts are so wonderful! While I'm picking up DH from the airport, this post will be published. I think that's appropriate since this post is going to announce what I learnt about the time DH flew out of the country just over two weeks ago!

It all began because Son#2 was working and his wife dropped him off and had some time to fill in before going to church. Son#2 suggested taking her blood. For fun or practice, I'm not sure which (he seems to take great delight in asking if he can practice his skills on family members - okay, I never claimed my family wasn't a little mad), but DIL#2 graciously agreed (so far she's the only one - apart from his unsuspecting patients of course).

Later that day they visited and Son#2 handed me a sheet of paper. It had his wife's name on it and the result: 82.2mIU/mL. I looked at it uncomprehending.

"What's this?" I asked.

"What do you think it is?" Son#2 replied with a question of his own.

"Is i…

It's Official

University students have far too much time on their hands. At least when they're supposed to be studying for exams that commence THIS WEEK!

This is what Son#4 returned to today:

Bike and wardrobe complete with clothes and hangers.
Desk and probably the texts that he needs to study.
Bed, pillows and walls.
Chest of drawers with various items and towel rail with towels (clean I hope).
Computer screen, speakers, and other items on the desk.

Not only were the walls, ceiling and floor covered in newspaper, but every single piece of furniture, every item of clothing, every thing on his shelves and in his drawers were also wrapped in newspaper. Even his computer and bike! About the only thing not wrapped was the smoke detector!

I wonder how many other parents are under the impression that their children are working hard while away at university? As these pictures show, they have been busy - just not in expected ways!

Week's End

Otherwise known as the weekend. I thought it would be a long slow weekend with DH away but as these photos prove, it was the opposite. It went so fast! It's hard to believe that this time next week DH will be home again. Just.

So a little look at our weekend (and yes, they're all clickable).

The result of practising my hairdressing skills. Pretty good, eh? (Oops, sorry. The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 is always reminding me that 'eh' is not a word!)

Son#5 has a break from study and The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#2 tries a unique approach to holding an ice block (much to her sister's disgust).

A quiet moment.

"Did she just eat my hair? No wonder I haven't got enough for clips and pony tails!" (The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#2 desperately wants to be able to wear all the pretty clips and ribbons that her sister wears but it's just not possible at the moment - no matter how creative we are in trying to get them t…

A Little Blue

I love blue. If I'm looking for a special outfit to wear, I start with anything blue. I may not end up buying an outfit in blue, but that's where I start.

If I had to paint the interior of the house one colour it would be blue:

So it's no surprise that blue features in my garden. To my dismay, so few plants have flowers that are true blue. There's the blue lavender, the blue mauve, and the blue purple but few really true blue blue flowers.

When we planned our garden I planted dwarf lavenders to border the brick path and to give what I hoped to be a glorious display of blue. But I'm not a gardener and even if I was, these particular lavenders are not yet flowering.

Yet this Spring my path is lined with blue flowers just as I planned - and yet I didn't plan this. As far as I know, no human hand planted these flowers. Yet they are lined up almost perfectly as if they were carefully placed out in exactly the right spot for the best effect.

Most likely they self seeded a…

Can We Call This "Self-Help Part 3"?

Recovery Part Three: Spiritual
Dr Grant Mullen (again!) says that for those that have been depressed for a while they lack the concentration needed to pray, to read their Bible and to worship. Furthermore, the last thing they want to do is meet with other Christians particularly when those Christians seem so happy and victorious and are wont to ask, “How are you?” (After a time you get tired of lying and saying “Good, thank you” and wonder what they’d say/look if you told them exactly how you are – if you’ve never been there, trust me on this!)

As I mentioned in the post on emotional recovery, these things feed back into the depression. The less able you are to pray or read your Bible, the more depressed you become, and the cycle becomes a very vicious one. Furthermore, you're cutting yourself off from the One you need most at this time but because of the illness you seem unable to reach out to Him at all and you end up feeling even more of a failure as a Christian - perhaps even b…

Can We Call This "Self-Help Part 2"?

Recovery Part Two: The Emotional
Dr Grant Mullen says that everyone – EVERYONE – has emotional baggage. When we become Christians we are born again but with emotional baggage. Getting rid of that baggage takes time and in many instances, counselling. I can’t recommend a Christian counsellor highly enough. If you’ve reached the stage where you’re clinically depressed then I don’t believe self-help books alone will help. You need more and this is where I believe a counsellor comes in.

Our emotions – no matter how powerful – can be wrong. If we rely solely on our emotions to guide us, then we can end up going wrong (just look at the "feel good" culture and how it's twisted God's purpose for love and sex between one man and one woman for life). It’s very hard to resist our emotions when they’re telling us one thing. This is true in many things in life but it’s particularly true with depression and yet you can't recognise that the emotions are telling you something wron…

Can We Call This "Self-Help Part One"?

I have no idea what to call this post or even if I want to do this post. And yet I feel a responsibility to share with my readers the dramatic changes that have taken place in recent weeks.

It began in an unguarded moment when I took my courage in my hands and lowered the mask - a mask I've worn for more years than I care to remember. It seems that while I have felt guilt and condemnation for my mental state, others have been far more understanding and have extended to me the love and grace that I was unable to give myself. That includes my readers and for that you have my most heartfelt thanks. I've been told that the experience of many when they finally admit to depression or a mood disorder is distrust, misunderstanding, even rejection - exactly what I had been dishing up to myself for months. So I thank you most sincerely for your compassion and understanding.

But I think the time has come to reply to your comments and since this is too long to include in the comment box I&…


Yesterday: Helped DH pack. Realised that God would give me the grace I needed for today, when 'today' arrived. Trusted that God would provide all that I need because He is faithful.


4.30 am: Woke up.

5.15 am: Left home.

6.30 am: Watched as DH booked in and Friend H repacked her suitcase because she was over the limit. Others in the group kindly took some of her luggage. Only one item left behind.

7.30 am: Saw the plane take off (I think we were too busy talking to wave but we did wait until it was in the air).

8.00 am Breakfast at McDonald's with Sons#3, 4 and 5, along with other 'deserted' wives and children.

8.30 am: Dropped Sons#3 and 4 off at hostel.

9.45 am: Arrived back home.

3.00 pm: Give or take a few minutes. Received some extremely exciting news which I can't share with DH because he's in the air and won't receive my messages until some time tomorrow (or even later). I'm bursting at the seams ...

Soon: Go to bed and catch up on sleep.


If ...

you've never listened to a house alarm sounding off for hours on end then it's probably because it's your house alarm that is going off.

Please come home. Soon.

Getting Thin

Not me. My hair. It seems that the very front sections are thinning out from about half way down my length. I don't think it's just my imagination as DH seemed shocked when I showed him. I'd like to think it's just the way I combed it but the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Yet I've not noticed broken hairs around the place.

*Sigh.* I guess there goes my dream of classic length hair. As a little girl I always wanted really long hair and I decided I better hurry and do something about it or it was never going to happen. Therefore the last four or five years have been devoted to growing my hair out. I was doing quite well until I hit waist. That was over three years ago and you can see how little I've progressed since then.

George Michael, the long hair guru, believes that hair should be all the one length to be its healthiest, strongest, and most beautiful. No bangs/fringes, no layers, just all the one length. I've always dismissed his views but now I…

Make Over (In a Manner of Speaking)

I needed a new blog like I needed .......... [fill in the blank] which is why I decided against starting another blog even though I was wanting a place to post all my sock patterns (without boring my readers here to death).

So no new blog but instead I rearranged my quilting blog somewhat. I've kept the same address but have changed the title and will be dedicating it not just to quilts but also other crafts - and in particular socks.

Perhaps now this blog can get back to concentrating on the things that matter like ... family ... and faith ... and ... well ... other things.