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This year, we have this:

despite this:

Yep, our dog likes to eat walnuts. You walk barefooted on our lawn at your own peril. At the worst you'll step on a piece of walnut shell that is razor sharp; at best, you'll step in the digested leftovers that result from a canine eating an immeasurable number of walnuts, many of them unripe.

Not only does Kielsie eat walnuts but she also helps herself to the plums from our tree. Notice I said, from the tree. She doesn't wait for them to fall - in fact, she's not interested in the ones that fall to the ground - she chooses the ripest and biggest and eats them straight from the tree.

We've noticed recently that she's extending her palate. We've been discovering these around the yard:

It seems that Kielsie has now developed a taste for our apples. And as with the plums, she's only interested in the ones that are still on the tree.

It will be feijoa season soon. These delicious fruits are ripe when they fall to the ground…

I'm Glad

While The Most Adorable Granddaughters#1 and #2 were staying over, The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 decided it would be a great idea to go visit "The Uncles" (Sons#3 and #4). Since I knew it was highly unlikely that I would get any housework done if we stayed home, and since DH was heading over in that direction anyway, and since I really wanted to see my boys again, I agreed.

The night before we went The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 asked me to wash her hair and braid it before she went to bed so that "it will look pretty when I see the uncles tomorrow." Considering The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 really does not like having her hair washed or combed or braided, this was very much out of the ordinary and shows to what lengths she will go to for her adored uncles.

Being the wonderful grandmother that I am, I braided her hair. (Actually I enjoy doing it but rarely get the chance so I wasn't about to turn this opportunity down.)

The new…

Jonah, Mordecai and the King

The Two Most Adorable Granddaughters #1 and #2 are staying over tonight. Something to do with their Mummy having to make a special cake (complete with iced/frosted roses) and two little girls helping out yesterday by putting icing sugar in the beds.

The last time they stayed over we watched "The Jonah Movie" featuring Veggie Tales. The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 was confused as to why Mordecai and the King were both in the Jonah movie. We tried to explain that they were different characters in Jonah but to no avail. Obviously they will forever be Mordecai and the King in her mind.

Today she asked if we could watch "The Jonah Move" again and sleep out in the living room as we did last time. Um, couldn't we do something else? Like feed the ducks,

climb trees,

go to the park?

Anything but sleep on the FLOOR again.

Ladies Afternoon Tea Party

Yesterday I attended a Ladies Afternoon Tea Party with DIL#2 and ladies from our local churches. It was held in a friend's garden in the country and the weather was almost all we could wish for. (This particular Aussie would've liked a little more sun and a little less cloud and breeze but really for this time of year it was quite pleasant - and at least it didn't rain.) We had the full country afternoon tea experience - even down to having to pick our way over cow pats and thistles from where we parked our cars to where we entered the garden.

We drank lemonade out of tall sugared glasses, were served tea from a silver tea service which we then drank from pretty fine bone china, and ate dainties including cucumber sandwiches from delicate serving dishes. Dressed in our finest - some wearing hats - we sat outside in the garden and acted like ladies of leisure - which most of us were for a few hours.

I have no photos of the Tea Party but I do have photos of how we spent our af…

Look What Arrived in the Mail

Gorgeous fabrics featuring Beatrix Potter characters. They are even better in real life than in pictures (which I was delighted to discover since I'd ordered them from just a photo online).

Now, I wonder whose quilt they could be destined for?

Keeping Vigil

I arrived home from work today to discover our dog Kielsie intensely watching what at first looked like an overgrown thistle. It turned out to be an hedgehog and possibly a baby one going from its size. The round prickly ball was not moving and at first I wondered if it was even alive until I saw the steady rise and fall that was proof that it was breathing.

I think Kielsie realised she was going to be in for the long haul because she settled down and made herself more comfortable:

This weekend countless families are keeping vigil for their loved ones. As families in Christchurch learn that their loved ones may never be returned to them, many families are enduring similar anguish in Japan.

We have waited for news ourselves this weekend. My SIL is Japanese and her family still live in Tokyo. We finally heard last night that they are safe. A young Japanese boy from our church who attends school here is still waiting for news of his family. I can only imagine in part what he must be going …


It seems that it was not enough that my hair was (is) falling out at an alarming rate and that it had become so thin on the ends that I was forced to cut. Now it seems there is also the real threat of some nasty little invaders given the rapid rate they have been taking up residence on heads at work this past week.

I'm not sure that I have these uninvited guests ... but I'm not sure I haven't either. As if one nightmare experience with them wasn't enough, there's a very really possibility that I'm about to relive that particular nightmare.

I've treated my head which has resulted in more shedding. Given that I'm shedding 200 or so hairs a day and it's been going on for at least two months, and taking into account that the average head has about 100 000 hairs, I estimate I have 440 days before I need to really worry.

Not. I'm worrying now. Scared to touch my hair unless absolutely necessary. Treating for head lice was not on my list of things I want…

A New Pastor

I finally got to meet our new pastor today. I am probably about the last person in the church to meet him. Every other opportunity to be introduced I've somehow missed.

The first time he was at our church DH was in India and I'd decided to go to church with Son#1 and his family. So I didn't get to hear him preach or to meet him or his family.

The second time he was at our church I had had another funny spell and was up at the hospital having tests done. Again, I didn't get to meet him.

The third time he was at our church, I didn't know who he was and just assumed he was a visitor on holidays. It wasn't until we were at home that one of our sons mentioned that the candidate for the pastor's job had been at church and I made the connection. At least this time I had a vague idea of what the family looked like.

And then there was the time not so long ago when he and his family were in town and the church family was invited to meet him over a barbecue. I had an awf…