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It rained last night.


And the wind was fierce.

(It still is.)

Therefore my daffodils don't look at all like the photo above. Instead they're looking sad and dejected and very much bent over.

And that's not all. The blossom from my plum trees is now on the ground. There is some left on the trees - hopefully enough to yield a good harvest of fruit come summer - but not much. I won't hold my breath.

I gave The Most Adorable Granddaughter a daffodil to take to Kindy the other day. By the time we got there, the head of the daffodil was bent over and it looked as if the stem had been twisted many times over. It looked quite sad. (Much like its siblings in my garden right now.) But she was proud of it and happily handed it to her teachers who very graciously received it.

We also have a broken window. But we can't blame that on the storm. No, the blame lies at the feet of Son#5 who was playing hockey outside with his brothers and hit the ball too hard.

I wonder, how many …

Backs, Skirts and Vests

I hurt my back.

As a child, I could do anything and my back would just keep on doing what it was meant to do. I’ve noticed though that as I’ve gotten older I’ve had to treat my back with special care. Gone are the days when I could lie for hours on my stomach and read a book. A few minutes in that position and I have to just about get help to get the kinks out of my back and a crane to lift me up off the floor.

I’m sure it was the vacuuming that did it this time, although now that I think about it, my back wasn't that great last week either. But on Friday night I was whizzing around with the vacuum cleaner getting the house clean for the weekend when I suddenly realised I’d done too much. A good night’s sleep I thought would cure it and certainly when I woke Saturday morning I felt better.

I spent most of Saturday morning at the sewing machine. I had made myself a wraparound skirt about a year ago but wasn’t happy with the fit of it. I then found this free pattern online and decided…

What I've Learnt

(Or five things I wish I'd known earlier.)

That babies don’t last forever. They have a use-by date. And it’s not very long. Before you know it, they’re all grown up and are leaving home.

That children don’t care about a clean house. They don’t remember the times it was shining like a display home. What they do remember is whether or not you took the time to kiss a skinned knee better, to read a story, to answer a question (even if it was the same question you’d answered only a minute ago), to build cubby houses, to climb trees, to teach them to ride a bike.

To take time to jump in puddles, to follow a snail’s trail, to make mud pies, to collect shells, to go for a slow walk, to watch the clouds float by.

Not to cry over spilt milk. Or sugar. Or cordial. Or cocoa. Like fingerprints on windows and furniture, this too will pass.

To do more. More laughing. More listening. More cuddling. More taking of photos.

Cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait for tomorrow,
For babies grow up,
We've learnt to…

And the Title of ...

... The World's Worst Gardeners goes to Jules and her DH! We've finally admitted it. We are not gardeners. Every year Spring manages to put on a brilliant performance without any help from us. In fact, I suspect we unknowingly sabotage her work at times.

I'm seriously considering not even planting a vegetable garden this year. In previous years we have managed to grow weeds just fine and the pests and bugs have had a lovely feed from our produce, but we really haven't received any benefits apart from a little bit of exercise outdoors. However, I know that Spring is very seductive and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we end up planting one after all.

This morning DH pruned my rose bushes (that is devotion). He also removed more than half a dozen rosemary bushes and trimmed several lavenders. Now my garden is looking very bare:

But there is hope:

Come Spring and who knows what beauty will be unveiled, no thanks to DH or I.

My Cake and Eat It Too

I've just pulled a slice out of the oven that was loosely based on this recipe from Daisy. I love it because there's no added sugar and it uses lots of healthy ingredients such as rolled oats, olive oil, and dried fruits. Tonight I used a mixture of chopped apricots, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds in place of the dates. Rather than making individual biscuits I just bake it all in a slab tin for about 40 minutes and then cut it when it's cool. My family haven't tried it yet because it's 'healthy' and I have no intention of telling them just how yummy it is. Let them eat their mud cake: I'll stick to my healthy slice thank-you very much!

Life has been busy, busy, busy. I'd forgotten how bone-wearying the days could be with little ones constantly around. Yes, I work with babies and toddlers but at the end of the day I go home and get a good night's sleep. I still get a reasonably good night's sleep but there's no 'shutting off'…

Thankful This Thursday

I woke this morning thinking about all that I am thankful for. Had I known that I was going to come home from work this afternoon and find that DIL#1 had cooked dinner I would have been even more thankful! My DIL is a good cook. I'm not. My daughters-in-law will never have to worry about hearing "I miss Mum's cooking" from their husbands! Oh no, they're more likely to hear "You're a better cook than Mum."

So today I'm thankful that my DIL is a good cook. But I'm also thankful for:

Special memories. Falling asleep cuddling a precious little one; baths in front of the fire; kisses and cuddles; The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 throwing her arms around her uncles and kissing them on the cheek (hey, where's my kiss?); hearing "Am I allowed to help?", "What you doing?", "Why?" (well maybe not that one - not when it's the one hundredth time in the last half hour!), and "I love you too"; b…

Cold Sores, Stones, and Doggy Hair

Cold sores are a wonderful barometer that tell me when I'm getting too tired and run down - and that's the only good thing that can be said about them.

I have one right now. A big red blister in the middle of my lower lip. I felt it coming on yesterday and sure enough by this morning it was visible. I'm not going to put anything on it. I've found that they tend to burn and itch more when I do use cold sore cream so this time I'm going to see how it goes without anything on it at all. Hopefully no one will want to take my photo for a few days.

I don't think my bathroom scales are working. I got on them this morning and they said I'd lost 1.5kg in a day. Now that would be nice but probably not likely. A few weeks ago I jumped on them and they read "19". Any number less than what I'm expecting (or dreading) is guaranteed to make me feel happy and slim for the next twenty-four hours but nineteen kilograms I am not.

I told DH. He suggested that perhap…