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Ever So Slowly

Also known as Week Three of Renovations Round Three.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these progress reports are for me and me alone. Without them I would be convinced that almost nothing at all is happening in the hidden depths of my house. But I can trace the photos and see that that's not true.

Something is happening, albeit ever so slowly. And this week where once was dark, now is light.

Perhaps my struggle is knowing that once these two rooms are complete that there will be another two rooms, and another two rooms, and two hallways to also complete. It feels as if it will never end.


And it doesn't help my sanity or patience or peace of mind any that this is what I come home to everyday: my front entrance …

I washed the floors at the end of each week during the first fortnight but now I've thrown in the towel and decided on a different approach: an experiment to determine how dirty can floorboards get in a Round Three Renovation (or how long before I truly go ins…

Without Rain

It's been a wet, wet winter. Wetter than I can remember having experienced in the twenty-two years we have lived here. Considering I felt like Mrs Noah our first year here, that is really saying something. Last year I complained about the churned up mud in our back yard - this year we have lakes! As for our drive-way … well let's just say that I am tired of standing in water that comes halfway up my shins every time I try to get something out of the boot of my car.

So, when it's sunny, we tend to make the most of it, even if rain is predicted for later in the day. As it was today. But we managed to enjoy The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5's birthday in the park before the small smattering of rain drops that fell mid-afternoon. However, the wind did prevent us lighting the candles but she didn't seem to mind.

And just to prove that there have been a few other non-rainy moments in this wet, wet winter …

Hol[e]y Walls

Also known as Week Two of Renovations Round Three.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#5, aged 5 years and almost 51 weeks is intrigued by the fact that we have holes in our walls.

She rung me the other day to ask and I confirmed that yes, we do indeed have holes in our walls.

"Big enough to walk through?" she went on to ask me.

"Well not to walk through, but you could climb through." (Actually Miss-Houdini-aka-The-Most-Adorable-Granddaughter#5 could get herself in and through smaller spaces.)

I also mentioned that there were holes in the floor from where the builder removed the fireplace.

"I completely forgot about that," was her mature reply.

We also have holes in the ceiling, although the one in the once-wardrobe was impossible to photograph. Actually most of what has been happening has been almost impossible to photograph given that it's usually dark by the time I see it, we have no lights in these particular rooms, and at present I'm…

Beauty and Envy

I never cease to be amazed at the incredible views when travelling in the Central North Island. (Something we had the privelege of doing this past weekend.)

I must admit to serious envy of those who get to live amongst such beauty day in and day out. At least we get to enjoy them on occasion. And all for free, too.

Survival Or Put Me In a Straight Jacket Now

Also known as Week One of Renovations Round Three.

We have survived the first week of our renovations. I'm not sure how. DH has found it easier than I have (and I'm not even sure Son#4 noticed!). At times I thought I was handling it well and then one small thing would have me in tears - usually something inconsequential.

Last night Son#4 asked if some friends of his could stay over this weekend.

Me (trying to be open minded): How many?

Son#4: Five

Me (as I thought of our spare beds being used as a place to safely store dozens of quilts or with boxes/furniture hard up against them; the fact that we have had no lights or power in the bedrooms or hallway for the past week; and that camping out on the floor is hardly an option when there's a layer of dust deep enough to suffocate an army; and silently processing this information and thinking Why don't you just put me in a straight jacket right now - before I become a blithering idiot): Who?

Son#4 answered and I wondered wh…