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They're calling it the 'Wellington Earthquake' which is a little unfair since the town of Seddon is closer and has suffered more damage and its occupants have been patiently enduring a cluster of shakes for several days.

Our first taste of it was an earthquake on the small side Friday morning. Then, not long after 7 on Sunday morning, we felt a more moderate shake. Well, I didn't. I slept right through it but DH told me about it and enough people were talking about it to confirm that it did indeed happen.

Fast forward to just after five yesterday afternoon. DIL#2 and I were in church. The video we'd been watching (Focus on the Family's The Truth Project) had just concluded and our pastor had just stood to speak (and I imagine to get us into discussion groups which I hate) when the earthquake hit.

Magnitude 6.5 that rocked and rolled for over a minute. Not a small shake by any means.

The problem with being in church when an earthquake hits is that you don't …


It was with some trepidation that we went to watch Son#4's hockey game. Each and every time that DH and I have gone to watch, his team has lost. It's become something of a standing joke. But we had to take Son#4 back to Uni today and it seemed a good opportunity to watch his game. After all, it's not as if we get the opportunity often these days.

It was cold. Bitterly cold. And it started to rain.

And they lost. Not dismally, I'm glad to say, but they still lost.

I think next time we won't tell him we're coming and see if his team still loses. If it does we can only conclude that in some inexplicable way we have a negative effect on the team's ability to play - and win.

I can't begin to calculate how many games of hockey (and baseball and basketball and soccer) we have watched over the years. The days when we watched three games one after the other in one sitting are long gone (and I'm certainly not complaining about that) so nowadays getting to wat…