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It's been a difficult few weeks and only now are we beginning to get some answers to the pain and weight loss I've experienced. Yet as difficult as it's been, I've discovered that there are far worse things. As a friend shared the other day about the disintegration of her marriage, I realised once again how blessed I am to have had someone support me through this time of illness. I honestly don't know how I could have done it without him.

For four hours he sat beside me in the Emergency Department despite not having had the chance to eat his own dinner. He refused to go home even though I told him I'd be fine. (I lied.)

He drove for over four hours without stopping and missed a conference because he didn't want to leave me alone over night (even though Son#5 was home at the time). 

He regularly rang and texted just to see how I was going because he was concerned.

He didn't laugh when I tried different diets in an attempt to see if anything made a difference…

I Don't Get It

I have a list of blogs that I read - most that I'm a public follower of - yet Blogger it now saying that I have no blogs in my reading list. The last time that happened, I found that by clicking on a link they magically appeared. But not this time. I don't get it.

Help! If I've read or commented on your blog in the past, please leave a comment and a link so that I can find my way back to you again. I really miss catching up.

Psalm 46

I love the Psalms. Who hasn't at some time or another identified with the Psalmist - discovered that their own thoughts and feelings were mirrored in his very words? Who hasn't found comfort in a particularly difficult time or been given reason to praise our God and Maker?

A few weeks ago, DH and I had a decision looming over our heads: a decision that I, in particular, was struggling with. We made a decision and were prepared to step out in faith (with very weak steps on my part). But my recent illness (still not diagnosed) has meant that this decision has been called into question. In fact, my doctor has told me not to move forward on this decision until my current illness has been sorted - which could be a while given the delays that have been predicted for getting further tests done and being seen by a specialist in the field. I find it frustrating but can do nothing.

Well, there is one thing I can do. I can look to the One Who has it all in His Hands. Even when I don'…

Yet Another

Despite knitter's elbow, despite having to unravel and re-knit several sections of this scarf (this scarf should really be called "Twice Knitted Scarf"), I was thrilled to be able to give this scarf to DIL#3 a few weekends ago when they were down for The Most Adorable Granddaughter in The World#5's birthday party and Dedication.

The pain and tears (especially the tears when I had to unravel way past the row where I'd made the mistake in order to get the lace pattern picked up correctly) were worth it to see how pleased she was with it. And as you can see, she certainly looked gorgeous wearing it.

The lace edging is a beautiful old pattern from 1884 and can be found here. Please note that it is really only a ten row pattern not twenty (it's been repeated on the chart). It is very similar to Dunmore Lace which has two additional rows, and therefore two additional "holes"to each pattern.
Here are a few more pictures of the same scarf:

I've decided…

Two Weeks

I’ve heard it said that the only difference between a good haircut and a bad is two weeks. In my case, however, it’s more likely to be two years!
I went in last week for a trim – a trim that I thought might involve the loss of a few inches because I wanted to get rid of the worst of the thinning that appears to be the result of low ferritin levels. I started with hair just one to two inches above tailbone and came out with hair at mid back. That is not a few inches!
I should have been warned when the stylist held up my ends and said, “You don’t need all these ends, anyway.” Says who? Those ends are what made my hair as long as it was; those ends were the tassel at the end of my braid; those ends stopped my buns falling down.
If that hadn’t set off warning bells, then seeing another stylist (who knows me well) look at the back of my head, look down at the floor, back at my hair, and then refuse to make eye contact with me certainly did. She tried to make conversation with me after tha…