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Seriously Good

We haven't yet tried it (okay, I did lick the bowl ... and the spoon ... and the spills on the kitchen counter) but I have a feeling that this ice cream is going to be seriously good.

I'm not generally an ice cream lover. I prefer yoghurt and can easily give ice cream a miss but DH was craving ice cream the other day and, wanting to please him, I asked him to pick up some fresh cream and free-range eggs when he collected our (raw) milk from the dairy yesterday evening.

With all that yummy goodness in the cream and eggs I was reluctant to add refined sugar and so did a search for ice cream recipes using maple syrup. This one fit the bill nicely and it doesn't even need pre-cooking! In fact, if you chill your maple syrup, it doesn't even require chilling the mixture before putting it in your ice cream maker. I can see that this could be a great stand-by recipe for those nights when you feel like ice cream and haven't had a chance to prepare anything ahead of time.


Half and Hidden

Years ago I made cotton half slips but they weren't particularly successful. Most were too tight or too bulky (I even managed to rip one totally from hem to waist while wearing it) and I ended up resorting to store-bought nylon ones. But there's something about wearing a cool cotton skirt with a nylon slip that just doesn't seem right. It kinda defeats the purpose of the cool cotton. But going without is often not an option.

With our upcoming trip I've been going through my wardrobe and I've decided that I'll probably take a number of skirts with me. I'm just not that much of a jeans/slacks/capri/pants person. I wish I was. But I'm not. I feel more comfortable in a skirt - more me - even if they do make me look frumpy. And in hot climates, I think nothing beats a flowy cotton skirt.

So I had a dilemma. Cotton skirt with nylon half-slip or wear pants (since, as I've already said, no half-slip was not an option). And then I found this pattern. Its sim…

Gone Again

When does a parent stop worrying about their offspring? Do we ever get over missing them?

I thought it would get easier as they got older but in some ways it gets harder.

DH has just left to take Son#4 back to Uni after three brief days at home. Brief for me because I was barely home and would have loved to have had more time with him. He somehow managed to sneak in at 6 o'clock on Monday morning without waking anyone. He obviously does not get that from me (or his maternal grandfather). But he's already gone again. The academic year is finished but he has a job interview tomorrow at the university which would give him much needed experience and money.

I hope he gets it. But I'll miss him terribly if he does.

And I suspect I won't be the only one. (I'm sure I heard The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 say his name when she was leaving earlier today.)

Meanwhile, Son#5 is home to stay until the start of the new academic year (hopefully) and I've suddenly been remind…

Test It

After reading a post on one of my favourite blogs recently, I spent a disturbing hour or two going from one link to another as I read blogs and articles online. Perhaps in my part of the world we are naturally sheltered or perhaps I am just naturally dense but I had no idea of the spiritual abuse abounding in Christian circles in parts of the world that consider themselves 'enlightened' from a Christian perspective.

I had heard the term spiritual abuse, certainly, and I knew of a few examples that would come under this heading and I had come across some dodgy theology and practices even in my sheltered existence, but my eyes were really opened after reading what I can only describe as 'cultist practices' in the guise of Christianity.

In fact, the expression, wolves in sheep's clothing comes to mind.

Now, it's not my intention to knock Christian denominations or ministries. There are many good ones out there whose theology I may not exactly agree with. That does…

I Had A Dream

I dreamt last night that I shut my blog down after doing a post that listed several reasons why I was making this move. The only reason I can remember is the one that stated that Facebook had killed my blog. In a way, this is true, although I don't know if many of my readers are Facebook fans. But given the popularity of Facebook it seems that readers no longer have the time or inclination to read through one blog post after another. It seems far too tedious when Facebook provides short and sweet updates with a few cute photos or funny videos thrown in for good measure.

The thought of shutting this blog down has crossed my mind many times lately. I had told myself that I would wait until DH and I returned from South-East Asia (just in case someone wants to know we made it safely home, or, on the off chance that the journey would have sparked my creative juices once more) and I'll probably go with that original plan at this stage.

I don't have a unique platform on which to …

God is Good

Few could be oblivious to the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. As the stories and images of devastation fill our screens, the international community springs into action. Stories of heartache, survival, death, hope, and despair emerge. Stories that show both the good and evil sides of mankind.

It's easy in the face of such devastation to ask where was God in all this. Easy and perhaps natural.

It's something I've grappled with myself over recent days and I've found peace knowing that none of this took God by surprise.

Let me go back a few days. Friday afternoon we received an urgent email from a friend. It said simply, "We are in the middle of a terrible typhoon. Please pray."

We prayed.

And heard nothing for four days.

His family, while hoping for the best, were expecting the worst.

It was during this time that I asked where had God been when all this was happening. And the answer was swift: He was there. He is there. This did not tak…