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Week Two: God's Blessings

Actually I'm not even sure what has happened this week re our renovations and I don't really care either. Other things have pushed them to the back of my What's Important list. And one thing in particular.

On Friday, after a long hard labour, Son#2 and DIL#2 became parents to a beautiful little girl. Her name means "God has responded" which is significant. I had the joy of witnessing her birth and while it was difficult to watch my DIL endure what she did I was also so proud of her courage and fortitude. And The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#4 was certainly worth waiting for.

Needless to say, she is adored by all and I'm sure you can see why.

Only problem is that there are so many people wanting their share of her that I never seem to get enough cuddles. I think next time I'll wait a week or two before sharing the news with the rest of the family. I wonder if it would work?

Week One: Best Laid Plans

I thought we were clever. We had it all planned. Move our kitchen appliances into the front room and do our cooking and living in there. Simple. It would be like an adventure. Except we hadn't planned on one of the power points being on the same circuit as those at the other end of the house. Thus we came home and found our 'fridge wasn't on and we were going to have to get creative to do some cooking. Considering that Christchurch had experienced another devastating after shock that day our problems paled into insignificance. Even when we somehow tripped out the power supply when using the microwave oven I worked hard at not getting upset. Yes we were cold (because just as I predicted, as soon as the walls came off the temperatures plummeted), and yes pumpkin pasta isn't particularly appetising unheated, and yes we had just sat outside in the night air watching Son#5 play hockey and a nice hot meal was just what we all desired, but in the grand scale of things we were…

Pink Shoes

As a bratty teenager I once refused to wear a pair of pink shoes that my mother had bought me. She had also sewn me a pair of denim pants that were meant to resemble jeans and had bought me a t-shirt that read, "Don't ask me to think. I was hired for my looks" to complete the outfit. I hated that shirt. For a start, I was proud of my perceived intelligence and certainly never thought that I was in the least attractive (so what has changed?). I felt dishonest wearing that shirt and embarrassed. I also hated those jeans. No one else had jeans/pants like that and I knew I would stick out like a sore thumb. Besides, they looked homemade. And then of course there were those shoes ... well the less said the better.

Selfish teen that I was I let my mother know exactly what I thought about the outfit. My father had a talk with me and I ended up wearing the outfit to a long-awaited youth group activity. I was miserable until night time when the darkness hid the worst of it.


Reflections from a Rather Ruffled Renovator: Out of Control

I thought I had found the perfect off-white colour for our kitchen cupboards. Warm but not too yellow; clear but not cold. Somewhere in-between that was just right.

I was happy with my decision. But it turns out I can't have it. It's not available in the finish we want so I have to choose another paint colour.

Do you know how many different shades of off-white there are?

I was moaning about having to make a choice - a choice that I may have to live with for the next twenty or so years - and of course one moan led to another. I started in on how I hate this feeling of being out of control.

If I could just know ...

to the very minute how long the building will take ...

what order the work will be done in ...

whether it's going to rain or snow (okay the latter is virtually unheard of where we live but there is a one in one hundred year possibility) once the external walls have been removed ...

if we're going to manage to sort out temporary kitchen and laundry facilities before …

Do We Expect Too Much?

I will admit it: I have not been looking forward to packing up half of my house in order for our renovations to go ahead. I've dragged my feet and found other things to do and half hoped that it would all just happen by magic.

But a long weekend is upon us and it seemed the ideal opportunity to start moving furniture and belongings - not to mention to have a good ol' clean out.

One task that I'd been dreading was taking everything out of my china cabinet, moving it into the living room, and putting everything back into it again. It was too heavy to move with anything in it (it was almost too heavy to move empty) but it seemed such an irksome task to have to empty it out only to refill it a few moments later. But as I was packing the items back into the cabinet I realised that the next time that I do this will most likely be when I have my new kitchen and dining room. Suddenly it didn't seem like such an effort after all.

This task got me thinking about other things - name…

Sunday Walk

I've decided to follow my doctor's kindly-meant advice and try to walk every day in order to lose weight. He suggested forty-five minutes a day but I seriously wonder how I can find that much time. But I'll do my best.

Many thanks to all those wonderful people who fed my ego by saying that I don't need to lose weight. The numbers on the scales don't lie (actually they do because my scales are terribly unreliable and the only time I'm friends with them is when they put my weight at much, much, much lower than I know I really am) nor do the charts (unless your doctor enters your height incorrectly and you come out at morbidly obese when you're really only a little overweight) and the truth is that I need to lose at least seven kilos to once again be considered a healthy weight for my height.

Anyway, after the baby shower on Saturday and its associated treats (aren't the sock buds cute?)

I decided I needed to do some serious walking and the beach was just th…

Reflections from a Rather Ruffled Renovator: One Small Step

We have consent.

At a price.


Now we just need a starting date.

As I reorganise my house and consider the upheaval that is to occur over the next few months I wonder: Do I really want to do this?

I think the answer is Yes but after the mental stress of the last few weeks when I've felt totally out of control of the whole situation (not a feeling I relish) I'm really afraid of what we're letting ourselves in for.

And the demolishing phase hasn't even started yet. When that does you can be sure I'll be pulling out my hair (and just after it's started growing back in again too).