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No Choice

"I wouldn't wear that!" The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 said with disdain as I asked her to try on the cardigan I was knitting.

I can remember thinking (probably too scared to actually say it) the same thing when my mother chose clothes for me, although I was probably older than Miss Almost Five. There is a gulf between what a mother considers stylish and what a daughter puts in the same category, and I imagine the divide is greater between grandmother and granddaughter, so I was not offended.

But I wondered. Was it the colour? I love blue and naturally gravitate towards my favourite colours when choosing yarn. Perhaps she didn't like it, especially with the flecks of natural brown throughout.

Was it the stitch pattern? Admittedly it was a simple stitch pattern but I thought it complemented the yarn quite well.

Was it something else?

I wasn't sure I wanted to ask, but Miss Almost Five volunteered the information anyway.

"It's too short."

O-kay. I …

Third Party

I opened my blog the other day only to discover my backgrounds had disappeared and there was a message that I needed to change the settings on a certain account if I wanted to continue to have third party hosting.

My first reaction was well, of course I did. My background was a photo taken ten years ago when we, as a family, climbed Mount Ruapehu, a still active volcano (and which, incidentally, erupted just a short time afterwards). As well as being a rather attractive photo, it had special meaning for me.

So I went to the account in question but despite using the Help function and spending far too much time searching and whatnot, I could not find any place to change the settings. Now, I admit to not being exactly computer literate, but I suspect part of the reason may have been the device I was using. It doesn't support a lot of apps and only runs some programmes in part. Usually that's not a problem ...

Too lazy - and by this time, too frustrated - to open up another device…

Winter Getaway

The plan was to take an honorary long weekend and head to sunny Gisborne for a few days. Sun we saw on the long drive to and fro, but during our time there, Gisborne failed to live up to its reputation.

Still, there are some advantages to getting away mid-winter. Such as:

Spectacular scenery ...

Experiencing sights at their worst and still finding them breath-taking ...