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In Progress

I have several things on the go at the moment (apart from two novels needing to be finished and/or edited).

On my needles I have three pairs of socks in various stages of progress and one shawl (which has increased in size since I took the photo a few days ago).

First up I have the Zarathustra Socks from Ravelry. These look complex (they're not) and rather strange until they're embracing a foot. I have had so much fun with this pattern and can see myself doing it again ... and again.

So far, one sock complete and another in the very beginning stages.

Next, there are the Pin Stripe Socks in a self-patterning yarn that I had leftover from knitting for my daughters-in-law. I wanted something for knitting in the car where I didn't have to count rows or follow complex patterns. These fit the bill perfectly.

They're almost finished and I probably need to get onto them so I can cast on something else.

Finally, as far as socks go, I have a lace and cable pattern that I adapted…

All About Cleaning

When our children were little and my husband worked long hours, I made a habit of not doing housework on the weekend (apart from dishes and beds and several loads of washing). Now that I'm working, and weekends are precious, I try to ensure housework is up to date before Saturday morning. Doesn't always work, but it's a good goal.

Hence I avoid, as much as possible, working Friday afternoon - so that I can use that time to rush around like a lunatic cleaning and polishing and making our home spic 'n' span.

There is something relaxing, for me at least, to be able to sit down on Friday evening and marvel at a clean house.

But sometimes the effort required to get to that state is ... monumental.

Until recently when a friend (and clever salesperson) gave me Norwex cloths to trial. After three hours of cleaning I was hooked! With just plain water (yes, water!) and a cloth I was able to achieve a home that was sparkling clean.

Who wouldn't want to be able to clean wi…

Seven Family Activities That Build Faith

As a parent one of the greatest joys in life is to see our children growing and maturing in faith. As a young parent I read an article that suggested that for children from Christian homes, stepping into a faith they naturally owned should be as natural as a duck taking to water.

Natural, but not always easy. And our children have a mind and will of their own, after all. So what are some things we can do as parents that can help build faith in our children?

I, by no means, have all the answers, but these are what worked for our family:

1. Church. Ten years ago I would have thought this obvious and yet after years of youth ministry, my husband and I have been surprised at how often this has been a "choice" in Christian families. We were strict - and our rules may not be for everyone - but we did church every week and our children were encouraged to set aside this day for worshipping the Lord and enjoying time with family. No part-time job or sporting team was to interfere wit…